Personal Management and Philosophy

Personal Management and Philosophy
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Creating High Performance Teams

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This book explains the critical issues and challenges faced by organisation to develop a high performance team. Its not only provides the theoretical framework of team building but clearly discusses the process and methodology of team building. It has been written by a trainer...[more]

MS ISO 9000: A Practical Guide for Implementation in the Civil Service
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This book is a result of INTAN’s experience in teaching as well as planning, implementing and sustaining the quality system under MS ISO 9000. This book is intended to help new agencies understand MS ISO 9000 in the context of the public sector and translate and document the...[more]

Human Resource Development in Organisations
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This book is based on experinces of both the writers who were training officers at INTAN and acts as a guideline to instructors and practitioners on human resourse development. The book was written on the premise that training will improve performance and has six chapters...[more]

Dealing With Mental Disorders And Other Abnormalities At The Office

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This book chronicles in a light-hearted way cases of mental disorders and similar abnormal incidents which the writer encountered at his place of work. It includes his own case. It tells also of the attempts by those involved to cope, and how effective or otherwise their...[more]