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Pembangunan Modal Insan

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As the fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia, the Honourable Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has introduced ideas and thoughts that reflect his leadership planning framework in leading the government and national administration towards creating a nation of excelence, glory and...[more]

Jabatan Setiausaha Persekutuan Sarawak 1963-1995

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The book is a commemorative copy and evolves around the operations, issues and development of the Federal State Secretary Department of Sarawak for about 30 years, 1963 - 1995, from the time that Sarawak became a part of Malaysia in 1963. The information in the book is largely...[more]

K-Based Economy: Forging Ahead For National Transformation
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The papers of the Sixth National Civil Service Conference were selected, edited and bound to form a complete volume of the book. An Update of some papers not published for editorial reasons is available in the Proceedings, included as the final section of this volume. This...[more]

Merealisasikan Harapan

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This book contains important elements that should be observed and inculcated in every public service servant in realising our nation main leader aspirations that wants the public service to be the catalyst and simplifying in implementing national polices. It is a book based on...[more]