INTAN Management Series

INTAN Management Series
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Komunikasi Berkesan: Hubungan Interpersonal
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Anothe guide book on effective communication and how to minimise problems that arise through miscommunication by the same author.

Pengucapan Awam Yang Berkesan
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This book provides the necessary guidelines and skills to present a more effective public speaking through planning, preparation and presentation. Seven elements on good public speaking are discussed for an easy understanding of an otherwise difficult task.

Kerja Berpasukan Dalam Organisasi
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This book is another guide, method and advice on how to work as a team in an organisation. It also touches on how to manage and make it eternal in synergising work teams. In the context of writing this book, each chapter is put choronologically so that the plot is made easy to...[more]

Pengurusan Projek Awam Dari Prespektif Praktikal
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Since project management is an important activity in national development policy, this particular book, which focuses on project management, is both timely and appropriate with the prevaling growth development situation. This book is not only useful to practitioners but also...[more]